Message from Head – Research and Development

Environment and Sustainability is an evolving discipline that covers many aspects of our daily lives. The world of business is being shaped and molded into something very different by the forces of nature, thus we have formulated an environmentally friendly product that benefits the customer as well as Mother Nature.

Our product demonstrates our fundamental belief in creating sustainable world and our connection to nature. Our excellence in sizing and weaving has urged us to craft an environmentally friendly product which will uplift the entire textile value chain.

About Us

The company's objective is about using green science to achieve aims that transcend beyond business.

Our innovations in Green Chemistry have led to establishing BioTex346– One of a kind product designed for warp sizing.

BioTex346's efforts revolve upon the concept of sustainability.

Why Choose Us

Manufactured at our world class facility


Our vision is to be a leading sustainable chemical company that provides value to customers via innovation and science.


To be an environmentally conscious firm that manufactures and sells high-quality chemicals while encouraging business methods that respect our workers, customers, suppliers, and the environment.


Quality product from 346 Samy & Co. group (346 Samy & Co Sizing and Weaving mill and Eminent Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.)

Key personnel

  •  R. Balaguru B.Tech. MBA., chemical engineering graduate with specialization in green chemistry working with various sizing applications for the past 15 years at 346 Samy & Co. group ( Samy sizing and Eminent Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.)
  •  A. Bala Murali B.Tech., Anna University Gold medallist in chemical engineering with specialization in polymer technology. Specialized in PVA-free applications and working on environment friendly nano materials.

Manufactured at our world class facility